Thursday, 2 February 2012

Fashion Photography Shoots

I spent an entire day photographing this young lady. We started at sunrise and stopped at sunset!
So happy with how these turned out, such a photogenic face :)

Portfolio Portraits

These photos were taken as part of a shoot for my AS level portfolio... enjoy!

Sunday, 29 January 2012

The 139 Project

This project is so special. 
-70% of those in the worst poverty are women.
- More than half a million people die in childbirth and pregnancy each year.
- Gender-based violence causes more death and disability in women aged 15-44 than malaria, cancer, traffic accidents or war. 

People everywhere are uploading their messages to women in poverty, this is mine. 
Get involved people, your voice is powerful!

Friday, 2 December 2011

Portraiture: Fashion Photography

So in the next few weeks running up to the New Year our teacher has told us to do our own portfolios. I chose fashion photography :) this model is one of my closest friends, and even though she has moved on to a different college now we still love eachothers company (:
I turned my bedroom into a mini studio and threw curtains on the floor to create a homemade back drop. This is only a small sample of my work - and they are by far, not my best photos from the shoot, but it does give you a little idea of what we got up to.. Have a nice day bloggers!

Sunday, 20 November 2011

The World is Our Stage..

As well as being a keen photographer, I am also a passionate dancer.
I was browsing the internet this morning for some new inspiration - my inspiration is running a little dry - and I stumbled across a number of bloggers talking about 'Dance Photography' suddenly I found myself starring at this image... 

My attitude towards every photo was beginning to sound like this..  'oh its just another image, nothing special' so i would click 'next', and then next and then next again, not really paying attention to the photos appearing on my screen. So like every other image, i flicked past this one not really paying attention. But then i found myself clicking the 'previous' button..
The colours had caught my attention - blue and red - primary colours. They stand out so boldly against the dullness of the studio in the background.  I've personally come to love this picture, not only because its composition is stunning, but also because its given me inspiration for the two things i enjoy most.
Happy blogging :)

Image found on:

Portrait Photography

This young lady is one of my favourite models to work with! She will listen to whatever i tell her, and we always seem to be laughing..


Saturday, 11 June 2011

Beautiful People

Myself and a friend decided to go for a walk in Canford Magna, she's very photogenic so i had to take the opportunity to get snappy :)